recumbent tadpole trikes and bikes
Recumbent Trikes in San Francisco

Recumbent trikes with a low profile are a safe, fun way to get exercise, be healthy and have fun transportation!

Give up your gym membership and do this fun exercise, not jammed up in a sweaty room of strangers, too close for comfort and smelling B-O! If you are concerned about weather, riding in the dark or high-traffic areas, we have stationary trainers you can set up indoors, outdoors, carport/garage….

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Folding tadpole recumbent trikes: 20” rear tire 5.5.9 folded

Time for you to make an appointment for your trike test ride.
To set you up for a test ride, we need to know what kind of riding you want to do, your height and weight

We accept cash, VI, MC, Bitcoin, Paypal. We take a deposit to place your order and you pay remainder on delivery.

For your test ride, email or call 415-668-0103 or 415-221-3601
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